Cerner Bringing Buyers To Our Market

(via the Kansas City Star 6/12/15)
Shovels struck dirt in November 2014 for Kansas City area office complex for fast-growing Cerner Corp., a huge $4.45 billion project intended to house 16,000 new Cerner workers within the decade.

Cerner’s $4.45 billion, 10-year plan to redevelop the former Bannister Mall site in south Kansas City includes about $1.75 billion in public tax subsidies. The redevelopment area — previously known as the Three Trails Project — is moving forward under the official name of the Trails Campus. The plan also includes the former Benjamin Plaza.

Cerner, a leading health information technology company, already has about 10,000 associates at six locations in the metro area. It has been hiring an average of 300 associates a month. It has more than 16,000 associates worldwide.

Occupancy of the first Cerner building is expected by the end of 2016. Over time, the project is designed to include 10 Cerner office buildings, two data centers, a service center, a training and conference center, and a health clinic and day care facilities for associates.

What this means for Kansas City real estate….
Relocation will be relevant to fill the positions in our region for Cerner therefore bringing buyers to our market monthly.  With the Spring market not slowing down, this provides continued opportunity for our sellers and The Koehler Bortnick Team to market our listings to the relocation department in order to maintain ongoing interest in our inventory.  This project is projected to span over 10 years therefore offering a steady line of incoming buyers to our area.

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