“Buying a new home is a stressful experience and such anxiety can intensify when you’re simultaneously attempting to sell your current home. However, the assistance and support of an effective agent goes a long way toward easing that strain. Elaina Sansone is exactly that kind of agent. Elaina was more than just a real estate agent she was an advocate, a mentor and a friend throughout the entire process. Her patience was limitless as she guided us through house after house while we searched for ‘the perfect place’ to call our new home, while we prepared our old house for a showing and sale. Elaina’s experience proved invaluable as she helped us to set realistic expectations and attainable goals. Her advice and suggestions were candid and practical, and her enthusiasm was infectious from ‘day 1’ all the way through to closing. In a word, Elaina was fabulous. We would recommend her in a heartbeat to anyone needing an agent”

Dayton & Micha Ward and Family